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As a result of a successful iPad Initiative Program during the 2012-2013 school year (in grades 1, 6, and 9), Brimmer and May implemented a one-to-one iPad program for all Pre-K to grade 12 students in fall 2013.
Teaching with tablets augments the curriculum, provides flexibility in the learning environment, and enhances learning outcomes. Our School mission states in part that the School’s goals are “to use emerging technologies effectively. . . . and to develop informed, engaged, and ethical citizens and leaders for the global community.” Being part of our global community calls for digitally ready students who use the available tools to enhance their learning.
Classroom instruction is a blend of instructional practices. The iPad provides a platform that helps students create multimedia content, offer collaborative and individualized learning opportunities, and increase their digital literacy. This is accomplished in a regulated instructional environment where teachers and students work together to discuss the relevance of the material they find through search engines, and together they can think critically about the quality of the work being studied and consumed. A tablet environment provides apps that are designed to make producing content easy and are rich with creative options. Brimmer and May’s goal is to support our students’ creative minds, thirst for knowledge, and ability to master material.
iPad overview
eBackpack is an app that creates a virtual classroom on our iPads and computers. Here, students and teachers will communicate, collaborate, share, assign/turn-in homework and much more.
Apple Store Workshops - Most Apple stores offer an excellent, free one hour iPad workshops. Apps recommended by educators that are classified by age: 
 Apple Education Collections 
Apps recommended for students with Learning Differences 
iPad Accessories
It is important that the accessories you pick are chosen for the iPad model you own.
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