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Dear Friends and Prospective Students, 
The Curriculum Guide offers several new courses and programs for each academic year. In response to the rapid changes our society faces with emerging technologies and the global context, courses aptly reflect those changes while complementing the established curriculum essential for future success. Teachers at Brimmer equip students with the content, skills, and understanding they will need as competent and contributing members of a global society.

The teachers who offer this rich and carefully developed curriculum do so in a small classroom environment. An average class size of 12 allows for personalized instruction and student-centered learning. With 79 percent of the faculty holding advanced degrees, the quality of instruction and the teachers’ ability to engage students make learning meaningful.

Throughout the day students make use of the emerging technologies made available to them. Our wireless campus provides ease with connectivity and access to the myriad of electronic resources for learning and researching. Whether the students use the School’s library collection or access information available to them through our extensive online resources, skilled and supportive teachers and librarians guide their research. In addition, the STEAM Lab, Makerspace, and new innovation space offer our students a learning environment where students engage in innovative projects and problems that need solving. The School’s new Digital and Media Lab provides a state-of-the-art newsroom and journalism center for video production, writing, and editing. This provides students with a learning environment where they can innovate and experiment with their ideas and develop their voice.
A vibrant arts program infuses the curriculum, and students explore and develop their creativity not only in their arts courses and programs but also throughout the general curriculum. Teachers encourage students to develop their voice and explore unique ways to demonstrate their understanding of the content being taught. This results in many of our students winning multiple local and national awards for their work.

Several of the programs expand learning beyond the classrooms. The co-curricular experiential learning programs—such as Winterim, the Washington, D.C., trip, and the Global Studies and STEAM Programs—enrich the students’ global competence. Students experience the perspectives of other people and learn how culture, new technologies, and standards of living impact viewpoints. Using what they have learned from an interdisciplinary-focused curriculum helps them understand the world from various points of view. Many of these experiences provide an immersion opportunity in Mandarin, Spanish, or French.
I hope you enjoy reading about the curriculum and programs. Our objective is to develop informed, engaged, and ethical citizens and leaders for the global community of the 21st century.
Josh Neudel, Upper School Head

Curriculum Guide

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