List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • How can I schedule a tour and interview?

    To schedule a tour or interview, please call the Admission Office at 617-738-8695 or email admissions@brimmer.org. We begin conducting tours/interviews during the second week of school (early September), and continue throughout the academic year. An interview is required for students applying for grades 6-12 and parents/guardians of applicants applying for PK-5. One or both parents/guardians should accompany the student applicant.
  • Where is the Admissions Office and where should I park?

    The Admissions Office is located at 73 Middlesex Road Chestnut Hill, MA. It is a brown building with a circular driveway, and there are two designated admissions parking spots to the left of the building. If those spaces are occupied, you may also park on the street directly across from the building. Please do not park in any numbered spot in our lots, as those are assigned parking spaces. After you park, please enter the Admissions Office and there will be someone to greet you!
  • What happens during the campus visit?

    Your visit to Brimmer will start with a tour of campus by a member of the Admissions staff or a student tour guide if applying to grades 6-12. Lower school (grades PK-5) tours are designed for parents, and students will visit the School in January for our Lower School Assessment day. During the tour, you will have an opportunity to see our classrooms, collaborative learning spaces, Dining Commons, theater, and gym. During the interview portion of the visit, you will have a chance to ask questions, give an overview of your child’s interests and learning experiences, and review the application timeline with a member of our staff. Students applying to grades 6-12 will also meet one-on-one with an admissions officer and have a chance to talk about their interests and passions. While called an interview, this is really just a conversation and a chance for us to get to know applicants on a more personal level.
  • Does my child need to dress up for a campus visit?

    No. It is important for you to be comfortable! On your visit you will see that Brimmer students have a dress code that is casual. If you are taking a campus tour, we recommend comfortable footwear and appropriate outerwear depending on the weather.
  • What does it mean to be placed on a waiting list?

    When a student is placed on the wait list, it means that we may not be able to offer them a space. After April 10, we will know how much space is available. If at that time, we still cannot offer a space, families on the waitlist may choose to remain on the waitlist during the spring and summer months. The Admissions Office will contact you if a space becomes available, assuming you have requested to stay on the waiting list.
  • Will I get a chance to revisit before I make my decision to attend?

    Yes! There are revisit days offered for accepted Middle and Upper School students in early April. If accepted, you will be notified of our scheduled revisit days. During a revisit day, students will attend classes, meet faculty and have an opportunity to meet Division Heads. This is a day for students to get the full Brimmer experience before making their final decision. Lower School parents will also have a chance to return to campus for our Curriculum Kaleidoscope.
  • NAIS Racial/Ethnic Classification
    Please see NAIS' well-defined definitions of racial and ethnic classifications for assistance in filling out the optional diversity category section of the Brimmer and May Application.
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