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Creative Arts Diploma Program

The Creative Arts Diploma Program provides students who demonstrate a determined interest in the arts with the opportunity to focus on a chosen art form, the tools to create a portfolio documenting their work, cultural connections to the Boston arts community, and a venue for participants to share their talents with the larger community. A minimum two-year commitment is required including participation in the senior seminar. There is a field trip fee for this course.

The Creative Arts Diploma Program is comprised of students in grades 10–12 who have a deep commitment to visual arts, music, dance, theatre, video, or creative writing; have already developed considerable skill in that area (called a “concentration”); and have a strong inner drive to pursue further study.

Each Diploma student works out a personal program on a yearly basis with the Creative Arts Chair and a mentor teacher from the Creative Arts Department. These plans vary widely and are tailored to each student’s interests and needs; they are open to revision, but each program has these five features in common:
  1. A minimum of 7-10 hours a week of work in the chosen concentration, beyond school time. This can be made up of lessons, practice time, rehearsal, studio time, research, viewing, reading, meeting with a mentor, journal keeping, etc. 
  2. A commitment to sharing their work with the school community with increasing frequency and complexity as a student move through the program. Eventually, the graduating Diploma Students plan and participate in the CAP Senior Exhibition.
  3. Participation in all the master classes and field trips are arranged for the Diploma Students, unless a prior commitment conflicts. This is usually about 12 events a year, distributed across all concentrations, both at Brimmer and in the Boston metropolitan area.
  4. Participation in the year-long CAP seminar.
  5. Documentation of both process and product throughout the program in a journal and portfolio.
Once accepted into the program, each student is assigned a Creative Arts Department advisor who provides guidance and monitors student progress throughout the program.

Requirements for Earning a Creative Arts Diploma with Distinction:
In addition to completing the coursework required, students who seek to graduate from the program with distinction must demonstrate:
  1. Consistent grade of A on each grading period.
  2. Proof of consistent leadership in the Creative Arts Department.
  3. Participation above and beyond the program requirements.
  4. Demonstration of excellence in both performance/execution and scholarship in chosen concentration.
  5. Creative Arts Department vote of earned distinction.

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