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  • Upper School - Grades 9-12

    At the sub-varsity level in the Upper School, we emphasize learning the fundamentals and giving everybody the chance to apply them in games. At the varsity level, we value competitive intensity, execution, and the kind of teamwork that makes a squad better than the sum of its parts. At every level, we value sportsmanship above all, but we’re always looking for a good win! What could be better than when long hours of practice pay off, selfless play brings results, a coach’s game plan comes to fruition, and individuals come through when the pressure is on? Those games are not rare at Brimmer!

    Upper School students are required to play at least one season of interscholastic sports. In off-seasons, Upper School students continue to be active by participating in recreational offerings such as golf, fitness, skiing, or yoga.
  • Middle School - Grades 6-8

    Gators are known for their passion, persistence, and pride. Our Middle School athletics program focuses on teaching the fundamentals, while emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork. Every day is an opportunity to do something good for yourself, whether that is skill development that prepares you for higher-level competition or discovering a healthy activity you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Being part of a Brimmer team is a fun experience that starts—and strengthens—friendships and creates camaraderie. The value of athletics is not merely what you get out of it—it’s what you put in. Whether in practice or game situations, sports give all students an opportunity to put our Core Values—Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, and Honesty—into action. That’s the essence of Gator Pride!
    • 6th Grade: 6th graders have the option, but are not required to play interscholastic sports. 
    • 7th/8th GradeThe sports requirement for 7th and 8th grade is a minimum of one season of a team sport.  If you play only one season of a team sport, you must choose an activity for the other two seasons. If you play two seasons of a team sport, you are able to take one season off.
  • Lower School - Grades Pre-K - 5

    The physical education program stresses the enjoyment of physical activity in a supportive atmosphere. Physical education classes meet twice a week in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. In grades 1 through 5, classes meet three times a week. In the early grades, the focusis on developing basic locomotor skills through a variety of activities that emphasize movementconcepts, manipulative skills, and age-appropriate gamesin a non-competitive environment that provides for safety and success. Starting in grade 3, a program of different team and individaual sports introduces students to soccer, field hockey, track and field, football, volleyball, badminton, handball, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, and softball. A graduated approach allows students to progress to a more sophisticated level of play and to build athletic skills as they become more mature physically and emotionally. 

    The Lower School program seeks to prepare students with the skills needed for a wide range of sports and to instill a lifelong love of physical activity. Brimmer and May students are encouraged to see physical fitness and the practice of a healthy lifestyle as a goal now and in the future.
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