Bobby Brooks ’15

Bobby Brooks ’15, is a student at Gustavus Adolphus College, in Minnesota, majoring in Financial Economics. He may add a minor this year, possibly in English, to have a more well-rounded experience. Bobby shares that this most recent semester was a difficult one as took Calculus 1 and Financial Accounting, but he felt proud of himself for getting through them. He really enjoyed his Sports Philosophy class—a topic of real interest to him.

He is part of an Investment Club at School, where they actually invest REAL money in the stock market! Whatever finances the club raises, they donate to the college’s financial aid buget. Bobby invested in a waste managment company and has already earned $1,000! He quotes one of his mentors, John Spooner, for putting the money market business in persepctive for him. Mr. Spooner says, "It's not a numbers game, it's an art, it's a people's game.”

Bobby credits Brimmer for preparing him well for college. He feels much more prepared than his his college friends. For him, a 5-10 page paper comes naturally, while his friends angst over them. He is so thankful and happy to be an alum of the School and promises to visit on his next break.
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