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Realizing the Vision

12,000 sq. ft. Chase 
Building addition 
& renovated space   
Fully Funded
Improved Parking & 
targeted improvements 
for existing gymnasium
Fully Funded
Endowment for Faculty 
Fully Funded

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  • A Vision from the Start

    Brimmer and May School enjoys a 135-year history of providing a transformative education where students are encouraged to strive for their personal best. Our story began with the founding of the May School in 1880, followed soon after by the establishment of the Brimmer School in 1887. 
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  • A Forward-Looking School

    Brimmer’s established curriculum and well-known pedagogical approach provide the structure to meet the emerging challenges of education in the 21st century and allow the School to implement the best learning environment for today’s students. 
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  • A Vision for the Future

    Bolstered by its traditions, Brimmer will continue to provide a life-changing education in an increasingly complex 21st-century world. To meet this challenge, our Board of Trustees and greater community have undergone a rigorous strategic planning process.
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  • Realizing the Vision

    Our thorough planning process revealed that the need to act is apparent, the project is critical, and the timing is urgent. 

    Realizing the Vision will focus on enhancing community, classrooms, collaboration, and innovation at Brimmer through a set of clear, compelling, and achievable priorities and objectives.


A Two-Story Addition to the Chase Building for New Classrooms, Dining, Community, STEAM, Innovation and Collaborative Space.

The changes to the Chase Building will be transformative. The enhancement of teaching, learning and community experiences will be dramatic. A 12,000-sq.-ft. two-story addition, which will include renovations to existing space, will be built at the west end of the building. 

Features will include:
  • New main entry way with welcoming lobby
  • New all-school dining commons and community gathering space with a seating capacity of 200 will be adjacent to the entryway
  • Renovated existing space for new classrooms and administrative offices 
  • 1,600-sq.-ft. flexible innovation space with smaller rooms for quiet study, projects, and collaborative study
  • State-of-the-art STEAM classroom
  • Maker space and breakout classrooms 
  • 5 new classrooms in total 


Improved Parking and Drop-Off Area and Targeted Gymnasium Improvements.

Modernization will bring our athletic facility into the 21st century. Smart traffic solutions will enhance safety and daily convenience for families, as well as for visitors to campus.

Specific enhancements include:
  • Targeted interior improvements to existing gymnasium, including renovated locker rooms, cleaned up entryway, and updated fitness center
  • The development of the parcel of land that abuts the pathway to public transport to improve parking and optimize drop-off traffic patterns
  • Improved drop-off and pick-up and efficiency of traffic on Middlesex Road 


Investment in Innovative Teaching and a Stronger Future for the School. 

Brimmer’s exceptionally creative and dedicated teachers are central to excellence and innovation at our School. Realizing the Vision’s objectives in this area will keep Brimmer on the cutting edge of educational practices in the near and distant future:

  • $1 million Endowment for Faculty Innovation will provide support for faculty who are spending summer and weekends developing new programming for our students and also provide support for classroom materials that are critical to this progress.
  • Increased endowment will add to the financial strength of the school, while targeting these specific initiatives 

69 Middlesex Road
Chestnut Hill, MA  02467