Upper School Community Service

In the Upper School, community service initiatives are designed to help students develop a fuller understanding of their ability to make a difference in the world. To this end, they are required to complete 40 hours of individual community service in the setting of their choice by the time they enter 12th grade. These placements should ideally contain elements of social service that represent the maximum use of a student’s social capital. In addition, community service in the Upper School is conducted through several additional avenues.
Each grade level is expected to design and initiate one community service project each year. These projects may include fundraising and/or service and may be conducting in an on-going schedule or may be singular events. Both the 9th and 10th grade participate in a Community Service Day, where students are split into different groups, and spend the day learning about an organization and doing volunteer work.
Throughout the school year, students, parents, and/or faculty initiate and engage in school-wide community service and fundraising to benefit local and global organizations in response to on-going and immediate service needs. Finally, students have frequent opportunities to engage in in-school service helping out at school events, working as aides in a Lower School classroom, providing support at athletic events, etc. Students may also choose to join the Community Service Club to work on student led service initiatives.

Other examples of recent Upper School community services initiatives include:    
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