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Equity and Inclusion

Our Vibrant Community

Be appreciated for who you are. Connect with people who share your values. Learn from people of varying races, ethnicities, family structures, personal identities, religions, neighborhoods, and countries of origin. Brimmer’s welcoming, inclusive community is strengthened by its diversity. Throughout each academic year, we hold numerous events that celebrate cultural traditions and teach about our differences and our common humanity. We also bring in speakers and hold workshops for our students and faculty on a range of topics addressing diversity and inclusion. These programs—along with our school culture and set of values—enhance our collective experience of community, educate our students about issues of social justice and equity, and empower our students to be responsible citizens and empathetic leaders in society.

Jessica Christian, Director of Equity and Inclusion

As a School we must always be exploring how we structure curriculum to teach and inspire students to value our differences while honoring our common humanity.

Meet our Director

Director of Equity and Inclusion Jessica Christian, together with the Diversity Council, directs Brimmer's celebration of culture and helps foster mutual respect, appreciation, and the ability to embrace difference in our global population. She organizes events, programs, professional development, and meetings concerning diversity. Jessica is available to meet with members of the Brimmer community concerning any matters of diversity that might need individual attention. Please contact Jessica at jchristian@brimmer.org for more information.
The Brimmer Diversity Council is dedicated to fostering an inclusive School community that values and actively promotes an awareness and appreciation of our differences while honoring our common humanity. We are committed to providing leadership, guidance, and ideas to ensure that School policies, programs, and curricula reflect the mission and foster an environment in which all can thrive.

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  • Affinity Groups & Student Diversity Clubs

    Students have the option to participate in clubs and affinity groups including:

    • African American/Latino/Multi-racial Affinity Group
    • International Students from China Affinity Group
    • GSA (Gender and Sexuality for All)
    • Student Diversity Leadership Club
    • Middle School Diversity Lunch Group
    • Grade 5 Diversity Lunch Bunch
    Topics discussed in our groups may include: celebrations of identity, history lessons, politics, current events, and microaggressions. The make-up and existence of our groups may change year-to-year as we respond to the needs of our community.
  • Student Conferences

    Brimmer students help to develop internal diversity programming at the Lower, Middle, and Upper School levels. Off campus, students attend conferences including:

    • NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC)
    • AISNE Middle School Diversity Conference
    • AISNE Middle School Student of Color Conference
    • AISNE High School Student of Color Conference
    These conferences address topics of race but also cover in depth issues surrounding socio-economic differences, gender identity, and sexual orientation, among other things.
  • Community Meetings for Diversity

    All members of community—staff, families, and students gather each quarter for dinner and a meeting that focuses on the celebration of culture, announcing upcoming events at the School, setting goals for diversity efforts, and exchanging information.
  • Professional Development & Faculty Conferences

    Faculty members attend conferences and workshops through organizations such as AISNE and NAIS that focus on topics including white privilege, representation of diversity in the classroom, and teaching students of color. Faculty members also attend the NAIS People of Color Conference (PoCC) each year.
  • Faculty & Staff Training

    This includes workshops and professional development training from organizations such as the National Association of Independent School (NAIS); the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE); Bay Area People of Color in Independent Schools (POCIS); the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN); and Visions. The Diversity Director has bi-monthly internal meetings with all the members of the Diversity Council.