Instructional Support Programs

Brimmer and May seeks to foster the personal growth and academic success of every student. Toward that aim, Brimmer creates an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and are encouraged to become self-advocates who are invested in their learning. While teachers and advisors are readily available for extra help, Brimmer also has a number of formal instructional support programs designed to give students the kind of help they need when they need it. Individualized solutions and close communication between teachers and staff members are important hallmarks of these offerings.

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  • Accommodation Plans for Learning Differences

    The School implements an individualized Brimmer Accommodation Plan for all students who submit an IEP, 504 plan, or a psychoeducational evaluation to the Director of Academic Services.
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  • Tutoring Institute for K-12

    Brimmer’s Tutoring Institute offers optional individualized tutoring to students in all divisions of the School. Families may sign up for the program at any time during the school year. Tutors, who may be Brimmer faculty members or other qualified teachers, assess a student's academic needs, develop a personalized plan, and help the student to meet specified goals.
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  • English Language Support—Grades K-12

    For Brimmer’s international students and those whose first language is not English, Brimmer offers an English Language Support program that provides individualized assistance. In grades K-5, a student will meet one or more times per week with an ELS teacher, depending upon the level of help needed.
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  • Student Support Team

    All divisions have a Student Support Team (SST) that meets weekly or biweekly to assess the academic, social, and emotional progress and well-being of students. SST is designed to support students both by anticipating and preventing issues before they occur and by providing interventions and/or resources when issues do arise.
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  • Lower School Reading Support

    Brimmer’s Learning Specialist works with students in Pre-K to fifth grade to ensure they develop the reading proficiency that is so critical to academic success. In conjunction with the Director of Academic Services and classroom teachers, the Learning Specialist implements a reading support program for children in first and second grades.
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  • Lower School In-Class Math Support

    Brimmer’s Lower School Math Coordinator provides support to students in Pre-K to fifth grade by ensuring that all curriculum is implemented appropriately to meet the needs of all students. The Coordinator visits all homerooms weekly, both to consult with the homeroom teacher and to work with small groups to provide appropriate enrichment and support.
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  • The Middle School Learning Center

    The Middle School Learning Center is a place where all students in grades 6-8 can go to receive extra help when they hit a plateau in their learning. It is staffed by Brimmer faculty in the humanities, mathematics, sciences, and languages. 
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  • Peer Tutoring

    Peer tutoring is a student-led initiative available to Middle and Upper School students. Peer tutors are carefully selected through an application process that includes teacher recommendations.
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  • The Upper School Writing Center

    What if a student doesn’t know where to begin on a writing assignment? Or a teacher realizes a student needs extra coaching on the writing process? What if a disappointing essay grade reveals a student’s weakness in grammar and usage? For all of these circumstances and more, Brimmer’s Writing Center can help.
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  • The Math Lab

    The Math Lab is a resource used by students from Algebra I to AP Calculus. Whether a student is rusty on a topic learned previously, would like more practice in preparation for a test, or would benefit from having a concept explained in another way, he or she can visit the Math Lab during the school day to quickly and conveniently tackle the problem.
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