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What makes a school special is both who its people are and what they believe. At Brimmer, you will find educators who embrace new ideas, respond with dynamic programming, and adjust to the needs of each student. You will find students who are encouraged to be inquisitive, confident, and open with their ideas and beliefs. We are a PK – 12 community that models what it means to be lifelong learners. In Brimmer’s school blog, our educators and administrators share their unique perspectives. Come learn how our students are inspired to learn, encouraged to explore, and empowered to lead.


  • November

    Enhancing LS Language Arts

    Ina Patel, Director of Teaching and Learning 
    This year we have implemented two new curricula to enhance our Lower School Language Arts program: The Wilson Fundations Program and The Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Writing by Lucy Calkins.
  • Holocaust survivor Abe Piasek.

    To Bear Witness 

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    As educators, we must encourage our students to examine the stories of those who have been the subject of discrimination and hate. In doing so, they learn to recognize and respond to these acts. 
  • Exhibitions of Knowledge

    Emily Miller, Head of Lower School
    I remember when I was in fifth grade, and I had to do my first “real” research project and oral presentation. I recall being incredibly excited because I was fortunate enough to receive ice cream as my topic, something I loved and fancied myself to be an expert on.
  • October

    Slowing Down

    Emily Miller, Head of Lower School
    The past eighteen months have been challenging to say the very least, and while world events have consumed us all, I think it is especially important for us to slow down, reflect on what is important, and attempt to preserve in children their inherent curiosity and desire to learn.
  • In the Classroom: Lessons in Biology

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Part of my professional practice has been to document the great teaching and learning that occurs in our classrooms. Recently during one of my walk throughs of classes, I found myself in a 9th grade Biology class.
  • Theater Arts is Back on Stage

    Carl Vallely, Head of Middle School
    It has been almost two years since a Middle School production has been performed live on the stage at Brimmer. I’ve had the opportunity to watch some of the rehearsals for the fall play, The Witches, and I can’t wait to see the full production in December.
  • September

    Learning Together Again

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    School is not just about the academic learning, it’s about the social and the emotional learning. It’s about understanding your place in society. It’s about learning to get along with others...” 
  • Restoring our Essential Connection

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    It’s now time to close that social distance so that we can re-engage our minds, to reconnect them with big ideas, creative ideas, collaborative ideas as we look to re-connect to the habits of mind that make us all successful learners. So, close that distance and reconnect.
  • Providing a Framework for Growth & Success

    Judith Guild, Head of School
    For Brimmer’s school year 2021-2022, the educators at Brimmer developed the theme of “The New Three R’s: Reflection, Resilience, Reconnection.” Our theme this year will help us develop analysis and form insights into many facts and ideas.
  • Resilience When the World is Watching

    Carl Vallely, Head of Middle School
    Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Being resilient does not mean that people don't experience stress or emotional reactions. Resilience is important because it gives people the strength needed to process and overcome hardship.
  • The Power of Reflection

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    As the school year ended in June 2021, we finally lifted our heads, stopped sprinting, took a deep breath, and felt the power of the moment and enormity of what had been accomplished. Let’s now focus on looking up, enjoying the moment, and truly being present.
  • June

    Commencement Speech 2021

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Read Head of Upper School Josh Neudel's speech from Commencement 2021.
  • Finding Light in Times of Darkness

    Carl Vallely, Head of Middle School
    It is so easy to focus on the darkness of these last 16 months, but as we head into summer, I hope you too will be able to take some time to reflect on the light you experienced during this challenging year.
  • The Great Outdoors

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
    All this time outside was certainly a boon to body and soul, but what about the mind? Our school seeks to serve the mind—to help students learn to use their minds well and to develop habits of mind and thinking routines. Observation, practice, and research come to agreement here on the positive impact of being in nature.
  • May

    Integrated Curriculum in LS

    Emily Miller, Head of Lower School
    One of the hallmarks of LS is its integrated curriculum. Through this approach, students draw on their prior knowledge, build new knowledge, tap into their curiosities, and explore topics in greater depth.
  • April

    Innovating our Rites of Passage

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    Our School motto “De mieux, en mieux,” like our rites of passage for our students, is cherished and meaningful. I am excited to see how my colleagues bring it to life once again this spring with a new round of innovations in service to our students and to the School motto and our valued traditions.
  • Inclusive & Diverse Curriculum in MS

    Carl Vallely, Head of Middle School
    The MS English Department has prioritized crafting an inclusive, diverse curriculum that aims to provide our students with "windows and mirrors."
  • Lower School students playing at recess with our new Big Blue Blocks.

    Our Vibrant Community & Outstanding Staff

    Emily Miller, Head of Lower School
    This time of year is full of great energy and excitement as performances and Exhibitions of Learning dominate the calendar. Most importantly, what you will always see is a joyful, vibrant community where students are excited to come to school each day.
  • Chef Roman's Matzo Ball Soup

    Craig Roman, Chef & Director of Food Services
    Food is very personal to a lot of people, and this is as personal as it gets for me and my family. Families around the world have things they have passed down from generation to generation.
  • March

    Coach Tom Nelson and Coach Jeff Gates strategize during a softball game (photo from spring 2019)

    Signs of Spring

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
    This spring may be a little different still--we’ll be adding masks to the athletic equipment list--but the sports equipment will be coming out again; it’s a much-anticipated restart with some increased opportunity and plenty of safety to go around.
  • Photo from Winterim 2019 in Italy/Croatia

    A Traveling Jones—Delayed, Not Derailed

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
    Education for the global citizen doesn’t begin with Winterim at Brimmer, but this program certainly helps bring it to life.
  • February

    Third graders created artwork using their 'own two hands' to show how they can help others.

    Amplifying Black Voices

    Emily Miller, Head of Lower School
    Throughout February, Lower School classes have concentrated on the theme of amplifying black voices stamped out by racism and on celebrating their contributions and influence on American culture and history.
  • Reinforcing Research Skills & Strategies for Middle Schoolers

    Carl Vallely, Head of Middle School
    In the 6th grade at Brimmer, core research skills are taught and reviewed across disciplines to prepare students to take on more in-depth research projects in the later Middle School and Upper School years. 
  • Finding Moments of Joy and Wonder

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    This year has been marked by so many losses and provided so many limitations that it can sometimes be hard to find those moments when you get the chills. As we approach the one year mark of the shutdown, the losses can feel debilitating if we don’t also look at everything that has been accomplished and find those moments of joy and wonder.
  • Happily Educated?

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    A view across the current educational landscape reveals a shrinking student population heading into higher education as a result of two salient factors: 1) economics, and 2) population dynamics. Essentially, the forces at work here have to do with graphs heading in two different directions: increasing costs and decreasing students.
  • Pre-Kindergarten students launched their first-ever Thank-O-Rama!

    Lessons On Gratitude

    Emily Miller, Head of Lower School
    Over the past weeks, the Lower School classes have been wrapping up the third unit from the Choose Love SEL curriculum. Students have been learning about Gratitude.
  • January

    Mrs. Robinson reading to Lower School Students.

    Kamala Harris Inspires Us

    Emily Miller, Head of Lower School
    In 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified, and it gave women the right to vote. Its ratification did not lead immediately to all women, especially Black women, being able to vote. Now, 100 years later, the United States has elected Kamala Harris as the first-ever woman vice president.
  • 2021 is What We Make of it

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    I hope the students make much of their studies and I hope we can all, together, make of 2021 something so, so much better than 2020. It’s early; let’s get after it.
  • Defending the Core of Democracy: A Response to the Attack on the U.S. Capitol

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    It is not clear what will transpire over the next few days, but there is a pathway to change. It requires us to stand up and engage in civil discourse, work together, and live our Core Values. We will continue to work together, students, faculty, and staff to create a positive change at our School, in our community, and beyond.
  • Empowering Lower Schoolers to Work Toward a More Equitable World

    Emily Miller, Head of Lower School
    This week has offered important lessons and many opportunities to engage students in conversation around topics related to civics, democracy, racism, voting rights, and protest that is in stark contrast to nonviolent, peaceful protest. We are committed to supporting students during this difficult time, and with your partnership believe that we can empower them to work toward a better, more peaceful, and equitable world. 
  • Ensuring our Democracy Endures: A Response to the Attack on the U.S. Capitol

    Carl Vallely, Head of Middle School
    Despite the horrors seen in our nation’s capital yesterday, I am confident that we will walk through this moment together, that our democracy will endure, and that we will emerge from this moment. However, we must also recognize and call out the evils that led to the attack and continue to grapple with how we got to this point.
  • Seeking a Path Forward: Brimmer's Response to the Attack on the U.S. Capitol

    Judith Guild, Head of School
    A time like this calls for us to be respectful and kind and always promote equity; hate and violence are in conflict with those values. If our students’ actions reflect our Core Values as they explore these issues, I am confident we will be able to seek a positive path forward.  
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As an inclusive community, Brimmer welcomes students who will increase the diversity of our school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, or any other characteristic protected from discrimination under state or federal law, in the administration of our educational policies, admissions practices, financial aid decisions, and athletic and other school-administered programs.