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Educating young people in today’s digital, mobile, “always on” world requires a strategic approach to health and wellness programming. We believe that it is critical to focus on healthy eating, physical fitness, strategies for stress management, and team experiences. From as early as PK, our learning environment creates a welcoming space for students to grow intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and ethically.

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Our Wellness Curriculum

In the Lower School the health education, wellness, and mindfulness curriculum is an age-appropriate, coordinated program in which teachers, nurses, and parents work together for the health of our children. Our goal is for students to understand, appreciate, and learn the skills that enable them to achieve and maintain good mental and physical health throughout their lives.

In the Middle School Life Skills, which meets weekly, incorporates a character education curriculum with decision-making and problem-solving skills. Outside groups, like MediaGirls and Partners for Sex Education, are also used to promote health, wellness, and positive peer relationships.

In the Upper School students participate in wellness programs geared to support their social, emotional, and physical well-being. As a school, we strive to develop students who go on to be successful in the world and educate them in areas that allow them to be prepared to make informed decisions when faced with challenging situations. Each grade has weeklong workshops in either the area of sex education or stress management and substance use and abuse. When possible, the School offers a parent workshop as well. Ninth and tenth graders have a weekly Wellness Period to cover general topics.

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    Beth Escobar 

    Director of Health Services
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    Emily Luckett 

    Upper School Counselor
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    Beth Meister 

    Director of Counseling Services

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