Students throughout the grades at Brimmer are engaged in making art. The creativity of our students is evident on a daily basis, from the artwork that adorns the halls of the school and the Solarium Gallery to the sound of band and chorus practices to the actors filling the Ruth Corkin Theater for rehearsal. The School celebrates the rich history and variety of the visual arts, music, and drama through a comprehensive arts program that gives every student experience in the practice and presentation of a variety of art forms.

Brimmer students learn more than skills in visual art, music, and drama. They explore what it means to work as painters and sculptors, composers and musicians, and actors and directors. They discover the excitement of taking a creative concept from the flicker of an idea to a fully executed piece. They realize that the arts require discipline and independence as well as collaboration and flexibility.

The arts curriculum seeks to encourage creativity and self-expression along with a lifetime enjoyment of the arts. Our focus on non-western art, in addition to the western tradition, gives students a global awareness of art from many different cultures. The importance of art throughout history and the contributions of artists to society are highlighted. Connections between art and other academic disciplines are stressed. The result is an arts program that is fully integrated into the curriculum and the life of the school.

Creative Arts Diploma Program (CAP)

Click here to learn more about our Upper School Creative Arts Diploma Program which offers students with a strong interest in pursuing the arts the chance to complete a sequence of independent study, workshops, and seminars that leads to the awarding of a diploma in art.

After School Music

The Brimmer and May School’s After School Music Program provides quality musical instruction and seeks to strengthen music appreciation and literacy. Students in PK through Grade 12 have the opportunity to take private instrumental and voice lessons on the campus. Click here for more information.

Creative Arts News

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