Creative Arts Diploma Program

The Creative Arts Diploma Program (CAP) provides students who demonstrate a determined interest in the arts with the opportunity to focus on a chosen art form, the tools to create a portfolio documenting their work, cultural connections to the Boston arts community, and a venue to share their talents with the larger community. A minimum two-year commitment is required, including participation in the Grade 12 Seminar. 

CAP is comprised of students in Grades 10–12 who have a deep commitment to visual arts, music, dance, theatre, video, or creative writing; have already developed considerable skill in that area (called a “concentration”); and have a strong inner drive to pursue further study.

Each Diploma student works out a personal program on a yearly basis with the Creative Arts Chair and a mentor teacher from the Creative Arts Department. These plans vary widely and are tailored to each student’s interests and needs.

CAP Exhibition