At Brimmer and May, students thrive in a learning environment that inspires curiosity and empowers students to push the boundaries of their own education. Our curriculum is multi-dimensional, robust, and built on an understanding of the skills, attitudes, and abilities that are needed, recognized, and valued in society, such as critical thinking, creative application, and global awareness. 
Across all divisions, students understand how all academic disciplines, particularly the STEAM fields of study, interrelate with each other. Students are encouraged to think through problems in innovative and analytical ways, find solutions, and master the process of learning and problem-solving. This experiential approach to learning allows students to learn by doing—not relying only on the memorization of facts. 
The global focus of our curriculum and programming helps students gain a worldly perspective and a deep understanding of other societies and cultures. These lessons take place both in the classroom and abroad through travel opportunities and joint projects with students across the world. 
Our learning environment encourages students to be inquisitive, confident, and open with their ideas and beliefs. Students receive personalized attention and our dedicated faculty works closely with each other to make the learning experience exciting and engaging. 
As a result, Brimmer inspires thinkers and doers. Read more about our three divisions, and see how your student can benefit from the Brimmer approach to learning.
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