Lower School

Grades Pre-K-3

With small class sizes, the teachers are able to establish a close relationship with their students and their families, and it provides a welcoming environment where children are encouraged to learn from each other. The teachers pride themselves in knowing how each student in their classes learns. In Pre-Kindergarten through third grade, a strong, well-balanced literacy program goes hand-in-hand with a well-researched math program. Teachers use a variety of assessment tools to ensure that students benefit from a differentiated instructional approach to teaching. Add to this a thematic approach through the grades’ social studies and science curriculum and the students have the beginnings of a Brimmer education that lays a foundation for the rigorous education that lies ahead for our young students.
An integrated creative arts, world language, physical education, and technology program starting in the Early Childhood prepare our students for the demands of the 21st century when students are asked to think globally, be technologically savvy, creative, and fit. Homeroom and non-homeroom teachers have regular collaborative meeting time to allow for the development and refinement of an integrated curriculum. Our social competency program and Brimmer and May Lower School’s Life Rules—Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Kindness—inspire students to think and act as responsible and ethical citizens within our local and global communities.
Academic Exhibitions of Knowledge are a hallmark of a Brimmer Education. Past exhibitions have included the following:
The Pre-Kindergarten Portfolio Day is an opportunity for families to explore the many facets of our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum. The Portfolios are a tool to measure the milestones for each student, helping the students share with their families a thoughtful and comprehensive journey through the past school year.   
The First Grade Crepe Party allows the students to share their French skills. The students create menus in French and serve their families/friends a delicious crepe breakfast. They also entertain their visitors by singing in French.
The Third Grade French Play is an excellent example of teachers and students collaborating as the homeroom teachers, the creative arts team, and the French teacher help the students write and perform in two plays based on familiar children’s stories. The students always seem so confident when speaking French as they perform. 
Throughout our students’ years in the Lower School, teachers maintain a permanent portfolio, which will be passed on from grade to grade. It is a collection of work from the beginning and end of the school year that reflects the students’ growth in all areas of their education. Every spring students share their permanent portfolios with their families, allowing families an opportunity to provide their feedback.
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