Create. Collaborate. Share. Appreciate. Use different parts of your brain! Art enriches life and enhances learning for all grades and ages. Brimmer’s comprehensive arts program gives every student experience in the practice and presentation of visual arts, music, and drama. Many of our students go further than what is integrated into the curriculum, taking advantage of extracurricular arts activities, private music lessons, and in the Upper School the opportunity to apply for our Creative Arts Diploma Program. From the artwork that adorns the halls of the school and the Solarium Gallery to the sound of band and chorus practices to the actors filling the Ruth Corkin Theatre for rehearsal, it’s clear that the arts are flourishing at Brimmer.

Latest News & Upcoming Events

List of 4 events.

  • Apr

    AP Art/Video Assembly

  • Apr

    Gr. 3 French Plays (TBD)

  • Apr

    Gr. 3 French Plays (TBD)

  • Apr

    After School Music Young Musicians Recital (TBD)


Creative Arts Team

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Bill Jacob

    Bill Jacob 

    Creative Arts Department Chair, Middle & Upper School Drama Teacher
  • Photo of Luca Antonucci

    Luca Antonucci 

    Director of After School Instrumental Program, Instrumental & Music Teacher
  • Photo of Joanne Clamage

    Joanne Clamage 

    Lower School Creative Arts Coordinator & Visual Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Rachel Heyman

    Rachel Heyman 

    Lower School Drama Teacher
  • Photo of Christian Kiley

    Christian Kiley 

    Digital Cinema Teacher
  • Photo of Scott Koven

    Scott Koven 

    Middle and Upper School Music Teacher & Choral Director
  • Photo of Kathryn Lee

    Kathryn Lee 

    Director of Innovation, Co-Dean of the M.S., Middle & Upper School Art Teacher
  • Photo of Nicholas Malakhow

    Nicholas Malakhow 

    Middle School Drama & English Teacher
  • Photo of Brent Ridge

    Brent Ridge 

    Middle & Upper School Art Teacher
  • Photo of Caroline Scheibe

    Caroline Scheibe 

    Lower School Music, Choral and Band