Equity and Inclusion

Brimmer prides itself on its diverse student body, which includes students of varying races, ethnicities, family structures, personal identities, religions, neighborhoods, and countries of origin. Student friendships and support networks span across this diversity, and those bonds enrich our community.

Brimmer is also committed to educating and empowering all of its community members to be leaders in social justice. Throughout each academic year, we hold internal events that celebrate culture and difference. We also bring in speakers and hold workshops for our students and faculty on a range of topics addressing diversity and inclusion. These programs are meant to give each participant the tools to be meaningful contributors to Brimmer and to the larger world around them.

Meet our Director

Director of Equity and Inclusion Jessica Christian, together with the Diversity Council, directs Brimmer's celebration of culture and helps foster mutual respect, appreciation, and the ability to embrace difference in our global population. She organizes events, programs, professional development, and meetings concerning diversity. Jessica is available to meet with members of the Brimmer community concerning any matters of diversity that might need individual attention. Please contact Jessica at jchristian@brimmer.org for more information.

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At a Glance

  • 14% of our students are international students
  • 32% of our students are students of color
  • 30% of our students receive financial aid

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Diversity News & Events

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Mission Statement

The Brimmer Diversity Council is dedicated to fostering an inclusive School community that values and actively promotes an awareness and appreciation of our differences while honoring our common humanity. We are committed to providing leadership, guidance, and ideas to ensure that School policies, programs, and curricula reflect the mission and foster an environment in which all can thrive. 
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