Global Focus

Brimmer students expand their understanding of what it means to be citizens not only of the school community but of an interdependent world through our emphasis on global education. Beginning with the study of world languages in pre-kindergarten and continuing with global studies in the Middle and Upper Schools, the curriculum reflects our belief that today’s students must be fully conversant with other peoples, cultures, and languages. Our integrated approach to learning, stressing interdisciplinary studies, helps students understand the connections between subjects and gives them a comprehensive view of the world. Our libraries support and inspire global initiatives with materials and guidance from the librarians.

An innovative World Languages program focuses on the importance of starting World Language instruction at an early age. French is introduced to students in Pre-K and continues through fifth grade. All fifth graders take one trimester of Mandarin, Spanish, and French. The classes also help students develop a better understanding of both French and Chinese cultures.

Technology is a significant part of our Global Education program, allowing Brimmer students to conduct joint projects with students in Latin America, Central Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world. Spacious computer labs and lap-top labs for classroom use offer state-of-the-art equipment, so that students may use video-conferencing, telecommunications, and other media to collaborate with students across the country and around the globe.

Upper School Winterim

Winterim is an Upper School activity that takes place every other year (odd years) during March and gives students the opportunity to travel both abroad and domestically and learn about people, cultures, customs, history, language, science, and the environment. Students may choose to participate in School trips to places such as Belize, China/Korea, Europe (England/France, Italy/Greece, France/Spain, Germany/Austria, Iceland), India, and the Dominican Republic. 

Learn more about our Winterim Program.

Northlands School International Student Exchange Program


The Brimmer-Northlands International Student Exchange program is part of our 21st century skills school philosophy invested in whole-person education. An integral part of this is the development of each individual as a global citizen. One of its main objectives is to imbue our students with respect and care for others, embracing all national identities. Click here to read more about the program.

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Kelly Neely in the News

Kelly Neely is the Director of Global Studies and Humanities Department Co-Chair 

Neely was recently featured in NAIS. Independent school professionals share their thoughts on assessing students in terms of global citizenship, including how their schools are currently doing so. See Kelly in “Measuring Success in Global Education.”

Kelly Neely was featured in Click here for the full interview, Travel Advice for Teachers from a Director of Global Studies.

Brimmer Visits China

Thanks to a generous donation from the Li family, Brimmer was able to send five students and two faculty members to China over the summer of 2018. The students created thoughtful movies and documented their experiences in detailed journal entries about their field trips to WPG, Alibaba Headquarters, and The International School in Hagnzhou. Click here to read more.

Global Education Partnerships

Brimmer’s global partnerships include:
Brimmer’s Sister Schools:
  • Podar International School, Pune, India
  • The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing  
  • Normal University, Beijing, China
  • Ecole Elementaire Boulard, Paris, France
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