Global Focus

Global Studies Diploma Program

The Global Studies Program at Brimmer is specifically designed to prepare students to be informed, involved, and ethical citizens in a global society. The Program entails concentrated and advanced coursework in world languages, geography, international relations, culture, media, and science. Completion of the program leads to a special diploma in Global Studies, and students may work to earn this diploma with distinction.
Application Process
Students in Brimmer’s Upper School may apply for admission to the Global Studies Program at the end of their ninth or tenth grade year. At this time, they will submit an application form and a plan of study for their tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade years. Applications are made and reviewed by the Global Studies Program Supervisory Board, which is composed of the Assistant Head of Academic Affairs, Director of Global Studies, and members of the Science, World Languages, and Humanities Departments. The Supervisory Board will review student status in the program at the end of each semester.

Global Studies Senior Reflection

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