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  • February

    Keynote speaker Dr. Raj Panjabi.

    14th Annual Bissell Grogan Symposium

    Symposium Delivers Powerful Message on the Power & Impact of Teams
    “No condition is permanent.” Keynote speaker Dr. Raj Panjabi first heard his father speak these words when he was a little boy growing up in Liberia. He lived these words when civil war forced his family to evacuate and resettle in the United States. In his thought-provoking presentation to Brimmer students and faculty, No Condition is Permanent: The Power of Teamwork in Public Service, Dr. Panjabi explained that his father’s message would affect him deeply as he matured and engaged in opportunities to serve neighbors and communities in need. It instilled the belief that when people come together as a team, powerful things can happen. He returned to war torn Liberia in his twenties as a medical student and was shocked by the physical destruction, illness, and lack of available health care. He wondered, “Where are the teams of support here?”
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