Cecelia Pan

Cecelia Pan is the Chair of the Science Department at Brimmer and May. The grant money will allow her to purchase LabQuest 2 probes which will connect wirelessly to iPads and computers and will allow students to analyze scientific data more effectively and efficiently as working groups of students can collect data and store it on their own iPad. The LabQuest 2 also contains built in sensors such as GPS and accelerometers, which allow for the taking of data remotely, which increases the flexibility of taking data in experiments. Generally, these devices will allow Brimmer and May scientist in grades 6-12 to more effectively analyze and manipulate data and make conclusions about what the data means.
Click here to download Cecelia's detailed summary of the result of the Innovation Grant.
“I am very excited to implement this grant because the LabQuest 2 materials will be used throughout the middle and upper school science curriculum. Some highlights follow. In 6th grade students use temperature probes and LabPro to conduct experiments on freezing point and boiling point of water. Chemistry uses pH sensors to create acid/base titration curves to study equivalence points of various acid/base combinations. Physics and AP Physics uses a selection of probes including motion detectors, photo-gates, accelerometers, force meters, voltmeter, and ammeter to conduct physic experiments. AP Biology uses a spectrophotometer to study the concentration of enzymes in different mushroom samples and the class also uses carbon dioxide sensors and oxygen sensors to study cellular respiration rates in yeast.”
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