Kathryn Lee & Jason Bock

Kathryn Lee is a Middle and Upper School Creative Arts teacher; Jason Bock is a Technology Coordinator and Middle/Upper School teacher. The innovation grant allows for funding to create a maker space in the Corkin Visual Arts Center—a collaboration between the Technology Department and the Visual Arts Department. This space will feature two 3D printers and access to 3D rendering software that will be used by Middle and Upper School art classes. This will broaden the current art curriculum in a contemporary direction and expose students to collaborative learning environments.

“Our proposal aims to strengthen and further develop the mission of our STEAM initiative and also increase the amount of exposure students have to digital technology within the visual arts curriculum from grades 6-12. The 8th grade art classes will run the first pilot project with the equipment and technology. The project will challenge students to physically build an object out of clay, 3D scan the object into the computer, and then animate the object using the 3D rendering program. The end result will be a short digital animation. The Middle and Upper School community will have access to the equipment through various clubs and electives, such as Web and Media Design, Architecture, and Creative Tech. This will also allow for the preparation of a Upper School Design elective.”

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