Sara Murray & Molly Serventi-Gleeson

Sara and Molly's proposal will allow for the creation of a dynamic and integrated STEAM Lab program for first graders. Innovation grant funding will allow teachers to implement a year-long, weekly STEAM lab with lessons that integrate hands-on engineering, math, science, art and technology projects.

These projects will connect to existing curricula and be age-appropriate, problem-solving challenges that offer consistent and comprehensive exposure to the engineering process, and provide opportunities for students to practice and apply problem-solving strategies and teamwork.

Students will learn the Engineering Design Framework and work through the steps of identifying the problem, planning solutions, testing, creating, evaluating and improving their work. Each week, students will tackle a new challenge, working individually and in groups to construct and evaluate their creations. Parents will be invited to assist or lead a lab, and guest speakers, who are experts in STEAM industries, will demonstrate their work and inspire the students to apply their STEAM skills to future studies in all fields.

 “Our greatest enhancement will be the benefits derived from a well-funded, year-long, comprehensive program. Students will be regularly exposed to a new way of thinking about problems and applying solutions. It will challenge students to innovate and explore, work as a team, and have genuine, low-stress opportunities to persevere with difficult tasks/challenges. The STEAM Lab provides an authentic, organic way to differentiate the learning experience.”

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