Elizabeth Hickey & Alina DeKay

The grant money will allow PK teachers to expose their students to the components of simple machines to provide our early engineers with the necessary tools for solving everyday challenges. Demonstration models will provide hands-on independent and cooperative learning opportunities that will generate conversation and develop multiple solutions to creating a simple machine out of recyclable materials. 

These demonstration models will increase students’ understanding of simple machines and provide a platform for students to understand complex machines and systems. They will apply this knowledge to create a digital simple machine using the iPad application Electrokite Interactive. This early exposure will create the necessary foundation our students will need as they continue to further investigate the engineering opportunities available at Brimmer.

Funding will support a star theater planetarium that will allow students to explore the night sky, identify popular constellations, and create original star constellations using the Doodle Buddy application on their iPads. Students will explore solar power by assembling a solar power car kit and will witness first-hand how scientists identify and find solutions to create a more sustainable planet.
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“To help prepare students for life in our increasingly digital age, we have to give them an opportunity to first develop a design method of thinking, a blue-print of how and why things around us work the way they do. The proposed learning materials will promote this creative design perspective in our pre-k students this year, and become a dynamic element of curriculum for future classes to explore.”