Kathryn Lee

Kathryn's grant money allowed her to purchase five iPad Pros and five Apple Pencils for the Upper School Visual Art Department. This proposal strengthens and further develops the mission of our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) initiative and also increases the amount of exposure students have to digital technology within the visual arts curriculum.

The addition of these iPads directly impacts the Graphic Art and Problem Solving Through Design courses, while also providing the ability to infuse digital techniques in courses such as Studio Art, Advanced Studio Art, Printmaking and Photography. Additionally the iPads are used by Art Department faculty members for general instructional use. The proposed plan will broaden the current art curriculum in a more contemporary direction, helping to expose our students to limitless possibilities of digital art making.

With the addition of 12.9” iPads and Apple Pencils, students will be equipped with the ability to use technology to create and invent in ways that even the desktop computers can not provide. Using the Apple Pencils and free drawing apps, student will have the ability to draw directly onto the large screen of the iPad in a precise and stylistic manor. Drawing apps provide an expressive experience that allows the user to change brush applicators from fine tip pens to Japanese calligraphy brushes. Users can change colors, blend, smooth, apply various amounts of pressure, overlap and erase. These possibilities will provide unique opportunities within the visual arts courses for both students and instructors, making the art room even more of a collaborative workspace. 
For example: 
  • Problem Solving Through Design: As a group oriented class, students can quickly sketch ideas and easily share them with their group-mates. Sophisticated renderings of product designs will add a professional quality to class slideshows and presentation boards, while providing the students with the skills they need to design and collaborate in the real world.
  • Graphic Art: Students will be able to explore the concepts of digital illustration by using iPads as an alternative to pencil and paint. This allows students to easily share and document work, while providing an easy and effective way for instructors to give feedback. A teacher can draw or comment directly on to a copy of a project without effecting the original artwork.
  • Studio Art and Advanced Studio Art: Along with the uses stated above, teachers can also photograph an analogue project (pencil, charcoal, paint, etc.) and provide feedback directly onto to the photograph through drawing, or notes, again without effecting the original work. 
  • Photography: Similar to the above, students can draw directly onto their own images allowing them to create pieces that combine photographs with original drawings.
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