Matt Gallon (STEAM)

Matt's grant provides resources to help integrate a STEAM design component into the Middle School earth science curriculum to encourage students to not only gain a better understanding of how these natural processes occur, but to also provide them with an opportunity to apply that understanding to designing unique and original solutions for mitigating the effects of environmental change on those communities most affected by them.
The Innovation Grant provides a set of hydro-geological stream tables that: a) accurately model the effects of erosion and water pollution, b) allows students to use the STEAM design process to develop and build systems to control the negative effects of these processes, and c) evaluate these systems in hands-on tests.
Dr. Gallon shares, “The sixth grade science students will use the stream tables in their month long unit on erosion. The seventh grade students will use the stream tables for a week-long lab on watershed pollution. Finally, the second grade students will have a one-day experience with the stream tables in the student-led teaching collaboration between the sixth and second grades. The hands-on nature of the stream tables leads to a much higher level of student engagement and understanding than texts, films, or more static models. The impact of the enhanced stream tables will be assessed through the quality and creativity shown in the designs that the sixth and seventh grade students generate and test in order to solve STEAM design challenges related to erosion or water pollution.”

Click here to read the results of his Innovation Grant.
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