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  • A Good Argument

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    Too often these days, we argue amongst ourselves in ways that are neither compelling nor valid, and we seem to think that being vociferous, righteous, and adamant—sans reasonable evidence—is a valid appeal to share our perspectives.
  • Of Prep School and Oligarchs

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    It was my impulse to follow this because I am a life-long prep school educator, an instructor of International Relations, and a citizen of the world with an eye on pragmatism but a heart for diplomacy and equity.  Let’s keep an eye on our nation and our world and work to make it a safe, healthy, just place for us to live and thrive in.
  • Know History?

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    Back in the day, I had a wonderful history teacher in high school, Miss Simmons, who had taught all four of my older siblings and was a venerable fixture at the school. She was my teacher for three years, from ninth to eleventh grade, and I think we studied European, World, and US history.
  • Learning Together Again

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    School is not just about the academic learning, it’s about the social and the emotional learning. It’s about understanding your place in society. It’s about learning to get along with others...” 
  • Restoring our Essential Connection

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    It’s now time to close that social distance so that we can re-engage our minds, to reconnect them with big ideas, creative ideas, collaborative ideas as we look to re-connect to the habits of mind that make us all successful learners. So, close that distance and reconnect.
  • The Great Outdoors

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
    All this time outside was certainly a boon to body and soul, but what about the mind? Our school seeks to serve the mind—to help students learn to use their minds well and to develop habits of mind and thinking routines. Observation, practice, and research come to agreement here on the positive impact of being in nature.
  • Innovating our Rites of Passage

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    Our School motto “De mieux, en mieux,” like our rites of passage for our students, is cherished and meaningful. I am excited to see how my colleagues bring it to life once again this spring with a new round of innovations in service to our students and to the School motto and our valued traditions.
  • Coach Tom Nelson and Coach Jeff Gates strategize during a softball game (photo from spring 2019)

    Signs of Spring

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
    This spring may be a little different still--we’ll be adding masks to the athletic equipment list--but the sports equipment will be coming out again; it’s a much-anticipated restart with some increased opportunity and plenty of safety to go around.
  • Photo from Winterim 2019 in Italy/Croatia

    A Traveling Jones—Delayed, Not Derailed

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
    Education for the global citizen doesn’t begin with Winterim at Brimmer, but this program certainly helps bring it to life.
  • Happily Educated?

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    A view across the current educational landscape reveals a shrinking student population heading into higher education as a result of two salient factors: 1) economics, and 2) population dynamics. Essentially, the forces at work here have to do with graphs heading in two different directions: increasing costs and decreasing students.
  • 2021 is What We Make of it

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    I hope the students make much of their studies and I hope we can all, together, make of 2021 something so, so much better than 2020. It’s early; let’s get after it.
  • Living in the Future

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    In my mind, I am already there; living in the future, that is. It is a better place than where we are now: less stress, better health, sharper minds, greater humanity, warm, sunny days with rain overnight. We can act on stage together, play recreational or competitive sports, and go to the theater or arena to imbibe some art or root for the home team.
  • Checking-In

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    When I see the cars arrive and form their daily parking lot parade, my blood starts flowing. And while my feet may get cold, or my hands start to freeze, my heart gets warmed each and every time I see the cars form their daily parking lot parade.
  • Living in the Present & Learning Our A, B, C’s

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
    The A, B, C’s of the 2020-2021 school year are associated with some new but also some familiar terms. By necessity, we have been compelled to use a number of these words and phrases, but by design, we retain and hold on tightly to others.
  • Fourth Graders campaigning for their Core Values candidate, Bea Equitable.

    Electing Education

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
    To educate our students successfully about elections and voting in general and about the current election we are experiencing, Brimmer's faculty have researched, explored, and shared resources with each other and their students and reached beyond the classroom to provide students with opportunities to learn about and discuss a process that is essential to their democratic lives. 
  • Mr. Iuliano with alum Chris Harrison ’19 at Commencement 2019.

    Living in the Past

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
    Living in the past is very appealing these days, as the past (pre-2020) seemed—was—so much better than the present. But fortunately for me, the past has dropped by for a visit several times since last Saturday. In each instance, it put a smile on my face (under my mask, of course) and a song in my heart.
  • A Brimmer Core Value: Honesty

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    The time we are living in now calls for a great deal of honesty—honesty with ourselves, honesty with each other, and honesty with our community and nation. We need to wrap our arms around this value and hold onto it tight in order to contend with what is in front of us.
  • Good Old-Fashioned Back-to-School Information

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    In most years, the Back-to-School shopping advertisements would have been assaulting the television airwaves and post box flyers following the July 4 weekend, but these fronts have been quieter this year due to the continued uncertainty about the re-opening of schools across the nation.
  • Aristotle to Sizer to Brimmer to You

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head of Academic Affairs
    If he were still with us today, Aristotle would undoubtedly be mortified with the logic of this argument and my reference to his thinking here, but he would, I believe, be pleased with the demonstrated mastery of Brimmer students at the conclusion of each school year.
  • The Lastings

    Joe Iuliano, Assistant Head for Academic Affairs
    The end of every school year brings feels of accomplishment, of achievement, and of lasting. Accomplishment and achievement are well-understood and are easily and rightfully recognized in the posting of final grades, awarding of certificates of completion, conferring of honors and diplomas.
    • Assistant Head of Academic Affairs Joe Iuliano

As an inclusive private school community, Brimmer welcomes students who will increase the diversity of our school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, or any other characteristic protected from discrimination under state or federal law, in the administration of our educational policies, admissions practices, financial aid decisions, and athletic and other school-administered programs. 
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