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  • Defending the Core of Democracy: A Response to the Attack on the U.S. Capitol

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    It is not clear what will transpire over the next few days, but there is a pathway to change. It requires us to stand up and engage in civil discourse, work together, and live our Core Values. We will continue to work together, students, faculty, and staff to create a positive change at our School, in our community, and beyond.
  • Clayton McLaren '21, Stephanie Cranmore '21, and Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Vaughn shared their stories during a Voices assembly.

    Elevating Black Voices

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    We recently heard the stories of members of our community as part of our Voices assembly program. The program focused on elevating Black voices, and these Brimmer community members shared personal stories about their experiences in school, times when they have experienced anti-Black racism, and moments when they have felt like outsiders.
  • Empowered to Lead at Brimmer and Beyond

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    If we want to live out our guiding principle of “Empowered to Lead,” we need to help students develop their voices, so they feel authorized to enact the changes necessary to improve the world. I believe that we are working to help students see themselves as active participants, rather than young adults who will simply wait for the world to change. 
  • Core Values: Respect & Responsibility

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Our School’s Core Values of Respect and Responsibility are two of the pillars that are essential to being our best selves and for creating community. To respect is to authentically see another person, hear what they are saying, and to value the contributions of each person. 
  • Remembering 9/11

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Many adults can still recall where they were when they first heard news of attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the crashing of United Airlines Flight 93. Yet, this year marks the first time that Brimmer does not have any enrolled students who were alive on or before September 11, 2001.
  • Knowing Race Matters

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    We strive to make Brimmer a safe space for everyone who makes up that complex, beautiful tapestryand because of this, we cannot ignore the fact that, in our society, people are treated differently based on their racial identity, their religious believes, or their country of origin. We need to listen to the stories of others, be empathic to those experiences, and use our voices against injustice and inequity
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Eric Foner. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

    A Unique Opportunity for Upper School Students

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Brimmer’s Upper School teachers are taking advantage of the current learning environment to provide unique opportunities for our students.
  • Maintaining a Sense of Community During COVID-19

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    While academic growth is the primary purpose of schools, teaching social-emotional skills and guiding students through relationship building is essential for their development.
  • Cartoon by Elizabeth Leader ’14

    GatorTalk: Empowered to Lead

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Months of Senate President Stephen Moreno Jimenez ’20's work came to fruition when students started arriving for an optional “TED Talk” style presentation during their lunch period.
  • Learning to Listen

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Schools provide many opportunities for young people to talk to each other, exchange ideas, and learn to embrace difference. Brimmer’s faculty use pedagogies that help guide students and encourage them to think critically, communicate their thoughts, and listen and respond to others.
  • In The Classroom - Exploring Voice Through Music

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    As I stepped into the Upper School Ensemble class, little did I know that I would be observing the students explore the concept of voice and communication through the lens of music.
  • Student Voice Through Consumer Power

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Whether it is through clubs, group work in class, little moments in the hallways, or the choices students make in their everyday lives, it is clear that being aware of one's voice and understanding how to use it is a critical part of developing as a young person in today’s world.
  • In the Classroom: Modern World History

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Simulations are a powerful learning tool. By experiencing events themselves “first-hand,” students are able to think about history in a more profound way.
  • In the Classroom - Neuroscience

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Read about what our Neuroscience students are learning in the classroom.
  • Leveraging Student Voice to Empower Leadership

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Read Head of Upper School Josh Neudel's speech from Opening Convocation.
  • Living with Food Allergies

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Like many schools, Brimmer does more to keep children safe than most schools. As a parent of a child with food allergies and the spouse to a person with food allergies, I am constantly looking at food in a different way than most.
  • Head of Upper School Reflects on the Class of 2019

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    Read remarks that were shared at both Senior Dinner and Commencement for the Class of 2019.
  • Mindfulness: The benefits & Alternative Ways to Connect

    Joshua Neudel, Head of Upper School
    At Brimmer, we continue to evaluate our wellnsess programming, tweak existing options, and provide new opportunities.
    • Head of Upper School Josh Neudel

As an inclusive community, Brimmer welcomes students who will increase the diversity of our school. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, or any other characteristic protected from discrimination under state or federal law, in the administration of our educational policies, admissions practices, financial aid decisions, and athletic and other school-administered programs.