Grade 1


ART: still life, self-portraits, respect for original ideas, assessment, awareness of materials, process and techniques; DRAMA: small group improvisations, listening, problem solving, development of characters and setting using gesture and voice, story sequencing; MUSIC: Steady beat, silent beat, divided beat, phrase, AB form, singing on pitch, creative movement, tone color, tempo, dynamics, melodic contour, melodic reading on two-line staff. 

The World of Wellness curriculum includes several strands of health education including Safety; Nutrition Education; Social Health; and an introduction to mindfulness and yoga.

The language arts program is comprised of reading, phonics, and writing. Priority skills such as phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension are developed; independent and group reading; guided reading; Reading Street; written expression; punctuation; capital letters; complete sentences; spelling; handwriting skills. 

Explore different ways to represent numbers, combine and compare numbers; work with numbers up to 100; write addition and subtraction number sentences; use a ten frame to add or subtract numbers; use double facts as a tool to add; solve a variety of addition and subtraction story problems; share and record problem-solving strategies; explore standard and non-standard measurement techniques; compare weights of multiple objects; explore 2-D and 3-D shapes; identify and describe attributes of various objects; sort and categorize objects and data; learn how to tell time to the hour and half hour.

Building on Pre-K and K skills. Application of locomotor and manipulative skills to specific sport skills: soccer, field hockey, football, badminton, handball, basketball, floor hockey, tumbling, softball, and track and field. Introduction to rules of sports. Introduction to importance of fitness and wellness and recognition of the value of physical activity.
The life cycle of owls: dissect owl pellets; elements of the sky: sun, earth, moon; pond life: ecosystems and animals of ponds in the northeast; weekly STEAM Lab: engineering, robotics, 3-D printing; the Design Process.

Geography and related map work: what other animals use as maps; communities: service project and life, achievement and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.; Native Americans of the Southwest; Mexico.

Use of a variety of software and online resources in support of grade-level curriculum; interdisciplinary projects planned with classroom teachers and specialists, and 1-to-1 iPad program.

French: Review and broaden vocabulary and spoken language; introduction to acting; introduction to phonics; Crêpe Party; use of language learning apps on the iPad.
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