Grade 2


ART: interpret, compare, visualize, abstraction/realism, fantasy, mood, craftspersonship, design/problem solving; DRAMA: exploration of literature through process drama activities, creating original scenes; MUSIC: duple meter, ABA form, five-note scale on three line staff, canons and layered patterns, improvisation, composition, soprano recorder, instrument families; CHORUS: unison and part-singing, performance posture, breath support.

 The Health Promotion Wave curriculum includes topics such as Safety and Injury Prevention; Nutrition and Fitness; Growth and Development; and Disease Prevention.

Oral and silent reading from various genres; independent and group reading; identifying facts and drawing conclusions; inferring information and making connections to text; identifying the main idea; reading for pleasure and reading to learn; writing skills: creative and expository writing, poetry; spelling and phonics skills; plurals, prefixes and suffixes; mechanics of writing: sentence structure, paragraph format, grammar, setting, character; vocabulary; parts of speech; dictionary skills; handwriting skills. 

Write addition/subtraction number sentences; use 100 charts to find number patterns; solve story problems, including two-step problems; understanding even/odd numbers; explore relationships between addition/subtraction and repeated addition to multiplication; add/subtract two-digit numbers with and without regrouping; investigate combinations of coins; investigate attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes; explore basic fractions; collect, sort, classify, and represent data; tell time to the five minute, quarter hour, and half hour marks; measurement (centimeters, inches, feet, yards).

Building on Pre-K and K skills. Application of locomotor and manipulative skills to specific sport skills: soccer, field hockey, football, badminton, handball, basketball, floor hockey, tumbling, softball, and track and field. Introduction to rules of sports. Introduction to importance of fitness and wellness and recognition of the value of physical activity.

Soil composition; erosion; plant growth;local habitats; making observations; collecting data to make comparisons; plan and conduct an investigation to answer a question; properties of color and light; human body: skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems; Engineering ColLab with third grade: identify a problem, plan a solution, build and test a model, evaluate and redesign a model; the Design Process.

Geography and history of MA; Boston landmark project; geography and history of Pacific Northwestand United States; African American history;geography, history, and culture of Brazil; Amazon rainforest and deforestation.

Use of a variety of software and online resources in support of grade-level curriculum; interdisciplinary projects planned with classroom teachers and specialists, and 1-to-1 iPad program.


French: Speak in sentences using familiar vocabulary; ask and answer simple questions; phonetic recognition and reproduction; use of language learning apps on the iPad; exposure to celebrations and traditions of French-speaking countries.
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