Grade 3

ART: origin of color, positive/negative space, profile, foreground, mid-ground, background, composition, the STEAM Design Process; DRAMA: ensemble work, introduction to play production, scripted and improvised scene work, self-assessment; MUSIC: six-note scale on five-line staff, treble clef, syncopation, question/answer and rondo forms, dotted rhythms; composition; CHORUS: partner songs, three-part canons; BAND (elective): beginning instrument study and ensemble development.

The Health Promotion Wave curriculum: Safety and Injury Prevention; Nutrition and Fitness; Growth and Development; and Disease Prevention. Social competency lessons from the Second Step Program are included. 
Oral and silent reading from various genres; independent and group reading; chapter books, classic fiction, poetry, short stories, biographies; summarizing; main ideas; making inferences and predictions; drawing conclusions; spelling rules; creative, expository, and literature response writing; vocabulary development; topic sentences; paragraph construction and development; grammar rules; dictionary skills; handwriting skills.
Build understanding of the base-ten number system using “landmark” numbers; find factors of numbers; skip counting; create and solve multiplication and division problems; enhance understanding of time, money, and measurement concepts; extend addition and subtraction strategies, estimation, develop multiplication and division strategies; memorize number facts; explore fraction concepts; solve multi-step word problems; explore 2-D and 3-D topics; explore the concepts of area and perimeter.
Demonstrate the skills and knowledge of individual and team sports: soccer, field hockey, football, badminton, handball, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, softball, track and field, and tennis. Additional activities: fitness skills, yoga, indoor and outdoor games, the PE Central Cooperative and Fitness Challenges. Introduction to the five components of health-realted fitness: Cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, flexibility, muscle endurance, and muscle strength. Understands the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and exhibiting a positive attitude during all activities. Demonstrates understanding and respect for differences among peers in physical activity settings.
Insects: characteristics, body parts, life cycle, species; Sound: vibration, pitch, and volume, designing sound systems; water cycle, global water issues; Engineering ColLab with second grade: identify a problem, plan a solution, build and test a model, evaluate and redesign a model; the Design Process.
Boston (1500s through 1800s) with a focus on the impact of local industries such as whaling and textiles; Ancient Egypt; Geography: world, continents, oceans, and map and atlas skills; current events.
Use of curricular software and online resources in support of grade-level curriculum; interdisciplinary projects planned with classroom teachers and specialists; introduction to keyboarding, and 1-to-1 iPad program.
French: Review and enrich vocabulary and conversational skills; learn the geography of France; use of language learning apps on the iPad; develop reading and writing skills; French theater plays project; explore additional Francophone cultures.
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