Grade 4

ART: Elements of Art: space, form, value, portraiture, caricature, art criticism, synthesize, conceptual art; the STEAM Design Process; DRAMA: individual and small group ensemble work, play production, analyze and evaluate; MUSIC: triple meter, seven-note scale, complex layered patterns, I-V harmony, conducting, composition, theme/ variations; CHORUS: two-part songs; BAND (elective): intermediate instrument study and ensemble development.

The Health Promotion Wave curriculum: Safety and Injury Prevention; Stress Management; Nutrition and Fitness; Growth and Development; and Disease Prevention. Social competency lessons from the Second Step Program are included. 

Oral and silent reading from various genres; reading for meaning in narrative and informational texts; reading for pleasure; identifying story elements and themes; analyzing, interpreting, drawing conclusions, inferential reasoning; research skills; extraction of main idea, sequencing, cause/effect, summarizing; review of phonics rules; vocabulary development: using context clues, etymology, parts of speech; creative and expository writing; writing process: brainstorming, revision, proofreading, editing; writing mechanics: grammar, punctuation, capitalization; writing structure: sentence and paragraph composition; dictionary skills.

Explore structure of the number system through “landmark” numbers; use “landmark” numbers to solve addition and subtraction problems, place value; begin study of decimals using money; explore processes and applications of multiplication and division; solve multi-step problems using multiplication and division; represent fractions; find equivalent fractions; order fractions, explore different ways to represent data; develop spatial visualization skills; collect, describe, display, and compare data; Geometry: identification of polygons, angles, and the science of symmetry; develop problem-solving strategies.

Demonstrate the skills and knowledge of individual and team sports: soccer, field hockey, football, badminton, handball, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, softball, track and field, and tennis. Additional activities: fitness skills, yoga, indoor and outdoor games, the PE Central Cooperative and Fitness Challenges. Introduction to the five components of health-related fitness: cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, flexibility, muscle endurance, and muscle strength. Understand the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and exhibiting a positive attitude during all activities.

Understanding of and appreciation for scientific method; introduction to coding; Environmental Science ColLab with fifth grade; geology: rock cycle, plate tectonics; magnets: magnetic vs. non-magnetic materials, strength, force, poles, attraction and repulsion; human body: cell biology, bones and muscles; experiment-based unit on variables; the Design Process.

World Geography; landforms; Silk Road; Asia past and present: lifestyle and environment; focus on Asia; Asian immigration to the United States; U.S. geography. Essential Question: What is culture? What is identity?

Use of apps and online resources in support of grade-level curriculum; interdisciplinary projects planned with classroom teachers and specialists, particularly connected to units on Asia, and Asian-American immigration; continued keyboarding, 3D printing, and 1-to-1 iPad program.
Review and enrich vocabulary and conversational skills; use of a bilingual dictionary; develop reading and writing skills; introduction to basic grammar; use of language learning apps on the iPad; citizenship exam.
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