Grade 5

ART: Principles of Design: contrast, rhythm, unity, balance, perspective, art vocations; the STEAM Design Process; DRAMA: acting, journal, reflection, rehearsal techniques, musical performance, audition skills, respect of craft; MUSIC: major and minor scales, compound meter, I-IV-V harmony, call and response form; composition; CHORUS: three-part songs; BAND (elective): intermediate instrument study and ensemble development.

Peer relationships, anti-bullying, decision-making and problem-solving skills, responsible Internet use, and issues of puberty and growing up.
Oral and silent reading from various genres; reading for meaning and information in narrative and informational texts; reading for pleasure, independent reading; developing comprehension and analytical skills; character, setting, theme, and plot development; vocabulary development; literary elements; research skills: note taking, graphic organizers, drafts, bibliography; types of writing: descriptive, narrative, expository, poetry, creative writing, letter writing; writing process: brainstorming/webbing, organizing ideas, revising, editing; writing structure: sentence/paragraph composition; spelling: phonics rules, exceptions, homophones; grammar: parts of speech, etymology, dictionary skills, context clues.
Extend understanding of base-ten number system; develop problem-
solving strategies; develop computation and estimation skills with multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction; explore interrelationship of fractions, decimals, and percents; extend understanding of place value; introduce basic algebraic concepts; calculate perimeter and area of standard and non-standard polygons; explore polygons; compare geometric solids and volume; continue to develop problem-solving skills.
Demonstrate the skills and knowledge of individual and team sports: soccer, field hockey, football, badminton, handball, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, softball, track and field, and tennis. Additional activities: fitness skills, yoga, indoor and outdoor games, the PE Central Cooperative and Fitness Challenges. Demonstrate understanding and respect for differences among peers in physical activity settings. Recognize the value of physical activity. 
Astronomy: planets, constellations; simple/compound machines; Nutrition; Environmental Science ColLab with fourth grade; Life Science; the Design Process.

Renaissance; colonial period in America; American Revolution; map skills; three research projects.Essential Question: What is independence?

Use of curricular software and online resources in support of grade-level curriculum; interdisciplinary projects planned with classroom teachers and specialists, particularly connected to units in science and social studies; continued keyboarding, and 1-to-1 iPad program. 3-D printing; introduction into electronics and coding.

All 5th graders will take one trimester of French, Spanish, and Mandarin. After sampling all three languages, they will then have the option to select a language to focus on for the entire year in 6th grade.
FRENCH: Broaden vocabulary; present ideas and information orally; develop grammatical understanding of the French language; oral presentation of a French-speaking country.
MANDARIN: Introduction to a novice
level of proficiency; phrases, greetings, and vocabulary; Chinese culture explored.
SPANISH: Introduction to a novice level of proficiency; phrases, greetings, and vocabulary; Hispanic culture is explored. 
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