Grade 1 STEAM Lab

STEAM Lab is a year long, first-grade curriculum that explores integrated, hands-on engineering, math, science, art and technology projects. Our goal is to better prepare students for the STEAM work they will encounter in future grades and to harness the tremendous capabilities of first-grade students to tackle complex problems. The weekly challenges provide an opportunity for students to take on meaningful, collaborative, and interactive challenges and will allow students to address the concepts of planning, evaluating, “failing” and improving upon their designs. These projects include coding for First Graders, building lasagna towers to save friendly marshmallows and constructing robotic arms to recover artifacts from the “moon.” STEAM Lab provides a consistent opportunity for hands-on learning, introduces the engineering design process as a framework for problem solving, and engages the students in the larger world of STEAM.
69 Middlesex Road
Chestnut Hill, MA  02467