Orientation Program

Each year following the opening days of school, grades 6–8 spend two days at camp. Students are housed in cabins and spend the days getting to know their peers and their teachers as they participate in a variety of activities including outdoor initiatives, ropes course elements, sporting events, field games, collaborative challenges, and class meetings. This is a time for individuals and classes to set goals for the upcoming year and to gain a level of comfort and familiarity with risk-taking and collaborative learning. Middle School faculty members chaperone the trip and the camp provides staffing. 
The Middle School trip to camp has several specific goals: 
  • To begin to build healthy, comfortable, safe, and trusting relationships among students and between students and faculty; 
  • To provide students with an opportunity to take risks and challenge themselves in a supportive environment; 
  • To provide individual students and class groups with an opportunity to reflect upon their previous experiences and their hopes and expectations in order to set goals for the coming school year
  • To enjoy an active, fun, and unanxious start to the new school year for all Middle School students;
  • To celebrate the eighth grade’s arrival at the culmination of Middle School and to promote a sense of leadership, responsibility, and reflection in individuals and within the class itself.
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