Lower School


Consider how the first formal learning experiences set the stage for a child’s enjoyment of learning and future academic development. The PK, Kindergarten, and elementary years are when children first learn to think and make connections, laying the neural pathways for more complex cognitive growth. Consider, too, how a child’s first school influences his or her sense of self and experience of community. At Brimmer, we nurture the whole child for the best possible beginning. We seek to develop intellectual, physical, social, and emotional skills to ensure that our youngest students feel valued as individuals, connected as community members, and supported every day as they learn with joy and grow in every way.

Upcoming Lower School Events

List of 4 events.

  • Sep

    LS Goal Setting Conferences

    Childcare available during your scheduled conference time.
  • Sep

    LS Meet Your Teachers

  • Sep

    LS Music and Mingling

  • Sep

    LS Dismissal Times

    PK & K — Noon
    Grades 1 & 2 — 2:45 p.m. 
    Grades 3-5 — 3:00 p.m.

Emily Miller, Head of Lower School

Young children are magical and creative thinkers. They learn best in an environment where they actively explore new concepts using a variety of hands-on approaches.

Lower School News