Bissell Grogan Symposium 2020

The Bissell Grogan Humanities Symposium will take place on JANUARY 21st at 10:45 am. The symposium was established in honor of Kenyon Bissell Grogan '76, former Chair of the Board of Trustees. The goal of the day is to educate and engage students in relevant topics of today. This year's 15th symposium theme will be Environmental Stewardship & ImpactJake Auchincloss will be the keynote speaker presenting "Reinventing Transportation through the Green New Deal"

Jake Auchincloss is a former Marine officer, a current Newton city councilor, and a candidate for Congress in the Massachusetts 4th District. He has managed teams at both a Fortune 100 and a startup in Boston, and holds degrees in economics and finance from Harvard and MIT. At Liberty Mutual, Jake helped orient the company towards risk solutions for a greener, less congested transportation system. 
Additional Workshops:
Green Infrastructure Yesterday and Today in Boston’s Emerald Necklace, Daniel Adams 
Solar Energy in the CommonwealthShannon Beale and Elizabeth Mahony 

Transforming Transportation: Promoting a Healthy Environment by Changing the Way We Get Around, Matt Casale

Climate Change Impact on Bees and Other Pollinators and its Impact on HumanityMel Gadd 

Can an Artist Create Change?, Mags Harries

Act Locally, Impact Globally: the Power of a Community FarmReva Haselkorn 

Climate Change & the OceanDr. Kelly Kryc 

The Charles River Story - From Sewer to Jewel and What It Means in a Climate Change EraEmily Norton 

Environmentally Responsible InvestingDavid Purdy P ‘23, ‘26, ‘28, ‘31 

Sustainable Fashion in Boston and BeyondMary Savoca 

Stay tuned for the full program with more details.