Jonas Peña Wins Poetry Contest

All of the Grade 7 students recently submitted poems to the Newton Sidewalk Poetry Contest, and Jonas Peña's poem, "The Way They Grew," won! His poem was one of 140 submitted and has been selected to be engraved in a sidewalk in Newton this summer. This is an exciting achievement! Annika Walker was recognized as a runner-up for the poetry contest. Congratulations to Jonas and Annika!
The Way They Grew 
1, 2, 3, 4
Staying on beat
My American hickory drum sticks I’ve had forever
The large Red Sox sticker that wraps around one of them
Makes sure it never breaks
The way they grew reminds me
To never fall apart
Jonas Peña

I was broken— my wings busted and bent 
Until you found me; and took me in 
Piece by piece, you rebuilt my heart 
And when I was no longer shot into silence 
We fixed my wings
And together,
We flew
Annika Walker