New Augmented Reality Sandbox

Thanks to a generous donor, we have acquired an augmented reality sandbox to enhance earth science curricula across all three divisions at Brimmer. Comprised of a box of white sand with a connected projector and sensor, the table displays a topographical map of the surface of the sand. As students move the sand, the sensor detects changes in the shape and elevation of the surface and alters the projection of the contour lines in real time. The sensors also detect specific hand gestures that trigger water to be added into the simulation, allowing students to model how water flows over various types of topography.
Housed in the Lower School Library, the new augmented reality sandbox will be integrated into Lower School science curricula; enhance Grade 6 curriculum on rivers, soil and erosion; and give our Upper School Geographic Information Systems (GIS) class a visualization tool for understanding contour maps and intervals, and an example of how technology is rapidly changing our ability to map and construct new types of models of the earth’s surface.