Community Diversity Night

Brimmer celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by bringing faculty, students, and parents together for an evening of food, poetry, dancing, and presentations. Community Diversity Night, a biannual event at Brimmer, is an opportunity to celebrate the richness of our diverse learning community. Highlights included poetry readings by Will Apen and Mirna Goldberger; a traditional Equadorian dance performed in traditional dress by Nydia Comenzo and her Dad; a presentation on Chile by Brimmer parent and PA Co-Chair Rosanna Lizama-Soto; and a presentation on Venezuela by Brimmer parent Ines Merolli and her daughter Catalina. The evening closed out with freshmen Sylvia Tejada, Emma Guevara, and Kaylee Little teaching the audience a Dominican dance called the Bachata. Check out more photos from this special evening in The Gator.

Thank you to everyone who joined us!