Biederman Wins Essay Contest

Ginger Biederman's '26 essay, Standing Up for Animals, was chosen to represent Brimmer and May in this year's The Courage of Children: Boston and Beyond book. Brimmer's sixth graders write and submit essays as part of the Max Warburg Courage Curriculum, a language arts program based on the value of courage that empowers students to realize that their actions and decisions can be powerful agents of change. Although the celebratory luncheon in May will be rescheduled, the publication of the book with essays from students around the world is moving forward. We are excited to receive copies of the publication in May. Congratulations Ginger!
Her winning essay:
Standing Up for Animals
I think courage means that if something is right or important to you, you support it, even if it’s not the most popular choice, or even if it comes with a price. Courage doesn’t even have to be something you’re afraid of, it can be something you do every day.

One way I show courage is by standing up for animals. It’s always been an important part of my family’s values to be the voice that animals don’t have. I think standing up for animals is courageous because many people disagree that animals deserve a voice, but I still speak for them. I’ve helped worms when they are drying out on sidewalks and I’ve informed people about where meat comes from and how animals in those facilities are treated unfairly. In addition, I’ve stood up for insects when they are about to be killed. I’ve always been looking out for animals even if no one else is.

Even though I have only showed small acts of courage in order to help animals, there are many others who have done bigger things to help. I donate to some bigger organizations that help animals such as the World Wildlife Fund and the Nature Conservancy.

I think it’s important to be courageous and stand up for animals, because they can’t stand up for themselves. For example, did you know an animal is abused every ten seconds? Many people overlook animal cruelty, but I’ve tried to encourage people to understand where meat comes from and how animals are treated poorly. I hope by showing courage, to protect and speak for animals, they can get the rights they deserve.
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