Grade 5 Capstone 2023

Congratulations to our fifth graders for completing their Capstone Exhibitions! Head of Lower School Ms. Formisano shared the following in her Brimmer Bulletin letter to Lower School families: “The Fifth Grade Exhibition of Knowledge culminates the work that students have invested in a process that extended over the past few months. Exhibitions are central to the Brimmer pedagogy and experience. Amongst a supportive and authentic audience, students are able to share their knowledge and the skills and habits of mind they have developed over the course of the year, or in the case of the Fifth Grade Capstone Exhibition, throughout their time in the Lower School.

Both classes delivered truly outstanding presentations, creative works of art, slideshows, written works, and speeches that showcased a depth of knowledge. As a fifth-grade advisor, it was a privilege to see all aspects of the capstone project come together to create the whole. The fifth graders presented their speeches with poise, practice, and passion. I am confident every audience member learned something new about people and events.” Congratulations to all!
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