Janice Corkin Rudolf '66 Visits Campus!

Janice Corkin Rudolf '66 recently visited Brimmer and May. Janice is a working sculptor and has many works commissioned by hospitals, museums, colleges, and three of her sculptures are right here on the Brimmer and May campus! She met with our Studio Art students from Mrs. Lee's AP Studio Art and Ms. Stone's Studio Art classes in the Corkin Art Center. She told the students about what is it like to be a working artist and the long process of creating a sculpture from the time it is commissioned until the bronzing process is completed at the Foundry. She also took the time to talk to the AP Studio art students about work they are doing now.
She also visited with the CAP students and Mr. Jacob, where a lively discussion took place about what it means to live a "creative" life. She was quite interested in hearing from our students why they choose to be in the Creative Arts Diploma program. She and the students talked about art, dance, music, photography, and theater and what all of those creative outlets have in common. She encourage all of our students to keep working on their art and never to be discouraged by subjective criticism. She and the students found common ground about what it means to "be in the zone" when you are pursuing a creative passion. She took the time after visiting the classes, to take some photographs of her sculpture of Jem and Scout which is located in the Shapiro Courtyard.
69 Middlesex Road
Chestnut Hill, MA  02467