Stacey Dupre Cropley '88

“My experience at Brimmer and May was transformational.”
Alumna Stacey Dupre Cropley, Brimmer and May Class of 1988,
Clark University Class of 1992
Director of Practice, Texas Nurses Association
According to Stacey, her educational experience at Brimmer and May gave her several skills that translate into what she does every day: Excellence in written and verbal communication; self-confidence; empowerment; and the desire to see a project through, enjoying the fruits of her labor.
“My experience at Brimmer and May was transformational. I came to Brimmer and May in the 5th grade from the public school setting, where as a student I was just a number. Brimmer and May nurtured my intellectual growth and development, providing academic supports that I needed as well as social supports. Brimmer and May was like a small family. We even ate together family style in my early years, which was so new and different, coming from the public school setting. “

Stacey also mentioned the influence of former Head of School, Anne Reenstierna, who left a large impression on Stacey for her supportive nature, and for her joy in watching her students grow and develop.

“I attended Brimmer and May from 5th grade all the way through graduation (1980-1988). My parents enrolled me at Brimmer and May because they felt that my public school education was substandard and not providing me with the tools I would need to be a successful professional adult. They wanted more for me, and Brimmer and May certainly provided that.”

After graduating from Clark University and receiving a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Stacey switched careers to become a nurse in 1999 after discovering that the clinical practice of psychology was not what she wanted.
Stacey’s nursing career has been very impressive. She currently serves as the Director of Practice at the Texas Nurses Association. This is an Executive Leadership position for the association that strives to provide advocacy for nursing and nursing practice within the state of Texas. She works closely with nursing regulators, other advocacy groups, and legislators when issues arise that impact nursing practice, nurses, and patients. She has been an Executive Leader in nursing for the last four years, and has been working in her current position with the Texas Nurses Association for the past year.
In another impressive accomplishment, Stacey just completed six years (two terms) serving on the National Pediatric Nursing Certification Board, during which time she wrote the test items for nurses who become certified. The questions she wrote were psychometrically designed to test minimum pediatric competencies in a variety of pediatric specialty areas from orthopedic to gastrointestinal.
“Having moved to Texas, I am not as close to Brimmer and May as I would like to be, but my experience there is with me everyday.”