Phoebe Donham ’93

“I learned to connect different things here.”
Alumni Phoebe Donham, Brimmer and May Class of 1993
Smith College, 1997
Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
Phoebe Donham was a guest speaker at Board of Visitors’ Day in October 2013. She shared with the Board of Visitors, Upper School students, and faculty and administrators that her family was first attracted to Brimmer and May by the low student-teacher ratio and the small class sizes.
Phoebe graduated from Brimmer and May in 1993. She earned a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Art History from Smith College. She received a Paper from the London School of Economics in the study of Quantitative Methods for Economists in 1996 during her junior year abroad. 
She spoke at Board of Visitors Day about the self-confidence that Brimmer and May gave her to later make strong choices in college. She also valued the School’s cross-curricula approach to education. She commented that she appreciated “the interconnections between the different classes, whether it’s the time [period] or a very specific focus.” She said, “I learned to connect different things here. And I connected those different things at Smith. It really is through different markets that my job is connected in many ways. It’s being able to make connections between what is going on in the globe that absolutely informs every component of what I do. I definitely learned those building blocks here.”
Phoebe Donham is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley. She is Co-Head of the Foreign Exchange and Emerging Markets Sales desk for North America. The Foreign Exchange and Emerging Markets desk covers institutional clients in an advisory sales and trading capacity for all currency and interest rate products. Phoebe joined Morgan Stanley in March of 2001 as an Associate. She was elected Vice President in 2003, Executive Director in 2006, and Managing Director in 2012.
Previously, Phoebe worked at Credit Suisse as an Associate in the bank’s Global Foreign Exchange Department in New York and in Tokyo, overseeing the transition of the Firm’s business from Tokyo to Singapore.
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