Robin A. Dublin '80

Robin A. Dublin
Brimmer and May Class of 1980
University of New Hampshire, B.S. 1984
Lesley College Graduate School, M.S. 1994
Columbia University, School of Business, Institute for Not-for-Profit Management, Certificate. 2011
What are you doing currently for a profession?                                 
I am currently the Executive Director for the Alaska Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence. COSEE Alaska is a consortium of ocean science researchers, community members, and formal and non-formal educators. The consortium includes the Alaska Ocean Observing System, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska Sea Grant, the Alaska SeaLife Center and the Center for Cross Cultural Studies at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. We are committed to increasing ocean science literacy with a focus on people, oceans, and climate change. This effort is funded by the National Science Foundation and supported by the organizations listed above. Funding for this project will end later this year. I am currently looking for a new challenge with plans to remain in Anchorage, Alaska.
How did Brimmer and May prepare you for your career?
Brimmer and May taught me how to study, to write and write well, and how to love school. I formed great, lasting friendships and learned how to work with teachers. My previous experiences with educators were negative, and Brimmer and May turned that around to the point that most of my career is grounded in providing educational programming. During my senior project at Brimmer and May, I was an educational volunteer at the New England Aquarium where I learned that I loved teaching others about the environment in non-formal and experientially-based settings, that teaching and public speaking were natural talents that I possess, and that I wanted to do work that was truly engaging, challenging, and different.
What led you to attend Brimmer and May?
I was lost in public school and needed a more supportive, challenging environment where the teachers were intimately involved with my education and collaborated to help me catch up and thrive.
What are your stand-out memories of your time at Brimmer and May?
Fall days playing field hockey and spring lacrosse games. Sports at Brimmer and May had a huge, positive, and lasting impact on me. Time spent with friends at practice, on the road to games with friends, coaches and my dad (“Mr. Bird” never missed a field hockey, basketball, or lacrosse game for the five years I attended Brimmer and May) helped me understand my strengths, supportive nature as a defensive player, and the role I can play on a team. I have too many great, playful memories from my time at Brimmer and May to include in this short piece. I’ll just say that those five years were really formative.
A note about this photograph.
It was taken last summer when I took a sabbatical of sorts from my current position to work as a wildlife technician/bear guard for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at the world renowned McNeil River Game Sanctuary. Each summer, McNeil hosts the largest concentration of brown bears in the world and at McNeil it is a common occurrence to have a 1,100 pound brown bear eating a freshly caught 20 pound Chum salmon within 10 feet of the guided group. Growing up in Chestnut Hill, listening to a presentation about Alaska from a guest speaker at Brimmer and May, I never imagined the breadth of experiences I have years later in Alaska.
69 Middlesex Road
Chestnut Hill, MA  02467