Community Service Recognition

Two of Brimmer and May's community service projects have received Parents' Independent School Network (PIN) Special Recognition Awards: Middle School Service Days and the Annual Greater Boston Food Bank Food Drive. Brimmer and May was one of a handful of schools to win two awards.

Middle School Service Days
In an effort to nurture a sense of social responsibility and promote a commitment to others through service, Brimmer and May’s Middle School has two community service days during the academic year. The goal is to have students experience the joy and satisfaction of moving beyond their own personal, immediate needs to meeting the needs of others in their community and the world.

Greater Boston Food Bank Food Drive
The Lower School collected 2,938 pounds of food for the Greater Boston Food Bank during their 4th Annual Food Drive. This equaled 1,998 meals for hungry families across Massachusetts! Click here for more.

PIN is an organization committed to facilitating communication and sharing ideas between independent schools. It also provides funding to an array of PIN member schools' community service projects that best meet our published attributes:
  • Provide contact between students and the people they are serving
  • Show creativity and originality
  • Encourage making things as opposed to purchasing them
  • Are student driven
  • Span multiple years
Congratulations to all the parents, students, and faculty who were involved!

Brimmer and May also took part in the following community service projects:

Grade Two MSPCA Project:  Each Grade Two student wrote a thank you card to the benefactors of the MSPCA. Students learned about the MSPCA - its mission, the services it provides, and the animals it serves. Students were surprised to learn about the many types of animals available for adoption. They also learned the many different ways you can support the MSPCA. Students learned the friendly letter format and thanked the donors for contributing food, beds, blankets, etc to the MSPCA.
Grade Three Helping Hands Project:  Students in Grade Three hosted and participated in a Read-A-Thon to benefit Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled, Inc. This non-profit agency provides specially trained Capuchin Monkeys to people with spinal cord and mobility injuries throughout the United States. The goal was to raise $2,000. Students learned about traumatic injury prevention, disability awareness, and resilience. A representative from Helping Hands came to the third grade classroom with a trained Capuchin Monkey. The representative taught the students about the many ways the Capuchin monkey helps a person with a disability, and how having their monkey also provides joy and companionship, giving them a renewed sense of purpose, and again illustrating resilience. 
Pre-K Apple Pie Baking Project:  As part of the Brimmer and May School’s Greater Boston Food Bank Food Drive, the children in Pre-K worked tirelessly all week donating non-perishable foods. The Pre-K class collected a total of 199 pounds of food as part of the lower school grand total of 2,938 pounds. To continue our spirit of giving, the children and their parents worked together to make 5 homemade apple pies for the Boston Rescue Mission. The Boston Rescue Mission serves the homeless and poor in Greater Boston, providing basic life necessities. The children learned about basic human needs and their ability to make a difference. They had fun making the pies, and felt good about their donation to the people who needed them. 
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