Lower School

Introduction and Philosophy

At Brimmer, we are committed to educating the whole child and to developing intellectual, physical, social, and emotional skills. In our classrooms, we work to build communities in which all children feel accepted and respected. In this atmosphere of trust, the focus is on building each child's sense of confidence and responsibility. 
Students learn best when the process is stimulating, relevant, and connected to the world around them. At Brimmer, we strive to create relevance by teaching within a coordinated framework that emphasizes connections. Students use computers, library resources, and classroom materials to discover information and to learn what they must master for higher levels of achievement. Themes such as independence, citizenship, and exploration are used to integrate subject areas. All children are encouraged to take risks in the classroom. 
A variety of assessment tools is used to evaluate a student's mastery of essential content and skills and to assess the whole child. Teachers administer conventional quizzes and tests in the classroom and prepare students to take standardized tests. In addition, students create personal portfolios featuring writing samples, artwork, and math projects. These portfolios are collected throughout the year so that progress can be monitored. Guided by the philosophy of the Coalition of Essential Schools, teachers also use a tool called "Exhibitions of Mastery." At the end of a unit of study, students demonstrate what they have learned for an audience of schoolmates, teachers, and family members. Exhibitions celebrate learning and provide an opportunity for individual talents and personal excellence to be displayed.

Housed in a turn-of-the century brick mansion, our pre-kindergarten through third grade students benefit from a nurturing atmosphere and safe atmosphere that promotes the students to explore a curriculum rich in the academics and arts. CLICK HERE to learn more about Pre-K—Grade 3.

Fourth and fifth grade are located in beautiful, historical homes. The upper elementary program fosters the developmentally appropriate, rigorous academic tone in our Lower School. Fourth and fifth grade is a bridge between the lower elementary grades and the Middle School. CLICK HERE to learn more about Grades 4 and 5.

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