Middle School Arts

Middle School students take classes in art, music, and drama throughout grades 6 to 8. This requirement reflects the School’s commitment to the arts as a major component of the curriculum. All students participate in a collaborative, interdisciplinary program that links the arts, science, humanities, library, and technology departments to explore the art and culture of the Silk Road, Africa, and Latin America in a three-year cycle. This exciting program features visiting artists and performers and gives students an in-depth understanding of the art, history, geography, and ecology of the different regions and eras. 

In keeping with the integrated approach to learning in all divisions at Brimmer and May, art projects are often interdisciplinary in nature, with attention paid to the cultural significance and historical context of the material. Students in the Middle School learn about the artistic process, experiment with a variety of art forms, and expand their critical vocabulary.

The Middle School music program strikes a balance between performing ensembles and academic music classes that introduce students to world music and classical orchestral styles. May Chorale, the Middle School chorus, performs a variety of musical styles and participates in the spring musical. The Instrumental Band performs jazz and classical repertoires and plays in smaller ensembles. The After-School Music Program provides quality musical instruction and seeks to strengthen music appreciation and literacy. Students in Pre-K through Grade 12 have the opportunity to take private instrumental and voice lessons on campus.


Middle School students present a fall play and a spring musical each year, both open to any interested student by audition. In order to gain a full experience of theater arts, students learn the basics of lighting and staging as well as acting. Classes and productions make use of the Ruth Corkin Theatre, with seating for 300 and a professional computerized light and sound room.

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  • Bill Jacob 

    Creative Arts Department Chair, Middle and Upper School Drama
  • Frank Van Atta 

    Grade 6 Dean, Middle & Upper School Music Director, Choral Director
  • Kathryn Lee 

    Director of Innovation & Design
  • Brent Ridge 

    Middle & Upper School Art Teacher
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